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We design homes for wellbeing.

Wellstudio designs homes that 
enhance your wellbeing, support interaction and connect you with nature.


We create spaces that 

support community and help residents connect with each other.


We create spaces that help residents thrive 

both mentally and 



We create buildings  with low carbon footprints to support sustainable lifestyles.

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WELL Accredited Professionals

We are now WELL Accredited Professionals & qualified to work to the WELL Building Standard®, a globally recognised standard for creating buildings which support human health & wellness.

Wellstudio designs using eight elements of wellbeing.

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Air shopped teal.png
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Light We maximise natural light, promote soft smart lighting to circadian rhythm & use colour schemes which aid relaxation.

Air  We design for natural ventilation, clean air and fragrances which facilitate wellbeing.

Sound We design for a high standard of acoustic separation between private and shared space, and shared spaces with acoustics which dampen sound and aid conversation.

Warmth We use high standards of insulation to create warm, cosy environments with lower energy use.

Touch We use natural materials, sustainably sourced, which are pleasing to touch.

Togetherness We think hard to create the right balance of private and shared space and design spaces which support the different scales of human connection from intimate conversation, to family sharing time,  to community gathering.

Nature Our spaces connect you with nature. We design them to provide
access and views to gardens and use biophilic design (indoor planting) to aid wellbeing.

Sustainability We design using sustainable materials where possible and look to reduce the carbon footprint of our spaces in their construction and operation.

Wellstudio designs using a simple process:

How our design meets RIBA Plan of Work stages
RIBA Stage 6 & 7 
RIBA Stage 1
RIBA Stage 2 & 3
RIBA Stage 4
RIBA Stage 5
RIBA Stage 0
Client Questionnaire
Zoom Consultation
Options, Appraisal Study & Fee Proposal
Schematic Design & Planning Application 
Technical Design & Tender
on Site

Wellstudio uses a Virtual Reality Headset to help our clients visualise their home transformations.

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Wellstudio all residential projects 


Know also about our coliving projects at our website Wellstudio Coliving.

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