At Thorkhill Gardens, Wellstudio designed a side extension to an older couple's 1950's two storey detached house.


As well as creating a new light filled kitchen and dining area for themselves, the clients wished to create more space for their three beautiful dogs and a separate circulation route so as the dogs could be kept in a discreet area when they were entertaining guests.  


The existing kitchen was replaced with a new, far larger modern kitchen/living space that enabled residents to relax together whilst cooking, socialising or working.  A skylight and large windows were added to increase natural light. 


The side extension was designed to be in keeping with the original 1950s house,  by matching the brickwork and fascia boards. The extension creates a light, modern open plan space with a stable door allowing the dogs to be separated when necessary.  As the site was on a flood plain, the project was also designed to incorporate flood protection.


The project was constructed and completed on time and budget to a high level of client satisfaction.

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