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In partnership with the interior designer Anouska Tamony, The Metamorphic Canopy at the Metamorphic Artist's Residence was inspired by the origami like folding action of tectonic plates as they collide, lifting up the earth's surface, turning horizontal plains into mountains, elevated plateaus, slopes and hills.

These tectonic plates took physical form as actual plates of steel, welded and pressed together forming a cave like structure at the rear of the house, a geological exhibit which will weather with the elements, gradually changing in colour and texture over time until it finally rusts away, and is given back to nature.


Birth, life, death and renewal are exhibited here at the rear of the house, just as they are by the ouroboros knocker at the front of the house. The contemplative nature of this process can be enjoyed by witnessing the canopy as a living art form thats colour and texture changes as the process of ageing takes place with each year that passes living in the house.

The Canopy has also been designed to be functional, to provide protection from the elements, a place to stand or sit, storage for garden equipment, and housing for an internal wine cooler. 

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