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At York Grove in Peckham, Wellstudio helped to create a garden paradise by ingeniously extending a one bedroom flat into the garden. The 'box' extension was designed with two fully glazed opening sides to enhance wellbeing through connecting the occupants to the natural beauty on either side. The colour and vibrancy of the garden could now be enjoyed from inside the flat. 

Wellstudio worked closely with the client to obtain planning permission and created  a full set of construction drawings for the project to meet building regulations. 

In the extension, as well as the two sets of folding sliding doors, Wellstudio designed a roof light to maximize daylight and provide the occupants with sky views. In the rest of the flat, Wellstudio designed a new door for garden access, new kitchen layout, new bathroom and an improved basement office. 


The project  was completed on time and budget and to a high level of client satisfaction.

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