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At Linden Grove in Nunhead, London,  Wellstudio converted a dark, badly planned out and under utilised flat into a micro coliving space which supports mental and physical wellbeing.  


We have created a light, spacious property with enlarged and enhanced outdoor space, indoor and outdoor planting providing connection to nature and improved community aspects. 


The wall between the kitchen and living space was removed and the two combined to create a new welcoming and spacious environment. Reclaimed parquet flooring from an old school was installed and an internal window was inserted from the entrance hallway through to the main space improving visual connection and opportunities for social interaction. 

A new compact bathroom was constructed,  maximising the space available with a simple but clever layout, using mirrors to increase the feeling of space. It appears from the corridor as a sculptural pod, its curved wall, as well as its external cladding of vertical pine timber battens lend it an Scandinavian feeling.


Internally, we found a beautiful and complimentary material palette including teal Italian tiles with a rusticated look, Russian birch plywood, a copper pipe rain fall shower and taps and basalt washbasin creating a industrial but natural aesthetic . The result of all these elements create a multi sensory experience which supports wellbeing. 


In the garden, the existing overgrown hedge on site was cut back and a new timber trellis fence constructed, raised planters were constructed from Corten steel, CNC cut to exact sizes, Indian limestone paving and grey granite cobbles laid. Tropical plants were chosen to lend an exotic feeling to the space.

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