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Welcome to our latest service! Here we carry out a study of your home and recommend alterations/renovations to improve it to support mental and physical wellbeing


Our study will include: 


  1. sketch plans of your existing home identifying areas which can be improved
  2. a sketch design for your home upgrade showing  interventions to improve your wellbeing
  3. site photos, where relevant sketched over with design ideas
  4. A supporting materials palette and colour scheme for your home
  5. An itemised list of the proposed interventions for costing and decision making
  6. inspiring precedent images which show examples of similar design interventions



Home Wellbeing Upgrade Study

SKU: 21554345656
£1,500.00 Regular Price
£975.00Sale Price
Excluding VAT
  •  This product is  a desktop based study of a property with up to 3 bedrooms. Estate Agents or equivalent or better floor plans of all areas of the property as well as photos & videos of interior of the property and site  must be provided by the client. For larger property studies we are able to make a bespoke proposal.

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